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Come and join us!

We're starting our new block on the 20th February! We'll be looking forward to seeing you all then!

To join our sessions we kindly ask you to purchase block(s) in advance. We have two options for this: you can either purchase a six-week or a twelve-week block. Once purchased you will be given access to the block materials for free, which includes the practise tracks and lyrics (you can also download the lyrics here). Simply click the 'Book Now' button below for more details. You can also PAYG for SoundRoutes (which does work out slightly more expensive - so we do recommend you purchase a block!). If you are new to SoundRoutes Singers, please check out the 'New Singers' page first!


Find a choir near you!


Mondays 7.30-9pm

St Margaret's Church, 353/355 Kilmarnock Road, Newlands, Glasgow, G43 2DS

***STARTING APRIL 17th 2023!***


Wednesdays 6-7.30pm

Block 4: 

From the week beginning 20th February 2023 until the week beginning the 27th March. If you use PAYG for the choir and would like to download the practise tracks, please click here. You can also download previous lyrics here.

Block 4 Lyrics:

Block Dates
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