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To ensure safe singing

We have worked carefully with our venues to ensure that all precautions are taken and measures are met so we can enjoy safe SoundRoutes Singers sessions. Please see our measure below. If you have any additional concerns then please contact us.


  • Number control: everyone will book their place in advance and will be checked off the register

  • Chairs will be set out before participants arrive, with at least 1m between chairs

  • Participants will be 1m apart throughout the session, the wearing of masks varies for each venue (please contact us for more information) 

  • We will have a notice at the door to remind people to keep a distance and to put on their masks on if they move around

  • We will supply masks for anyone who arrives without one

  • Participants will be asked to sanitise their hands on arrival, and after leaving the room for any reason during the session

  • We will provide hand sanitiser

  • Clear entrance/exit signage: after the group finishes they will be instructed to leave using the designated exit

  • Adequate ventilation - windows or doors open for the duration of the session

  • We will check people in on arrival, using our registration list

  • We will keep a record of who attended each session for 21 days and supply it to the venue manager if they are contacted by NHS Test and Trace


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